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by Lakai on Sep 15, 2017 at 12:00 AM

Yes, it's finally fucking dead. Mistress is slain.


- Warlocks - HIGH
- Boomkins - HIGH
- Hunters - HIGH
- Shadow Priests - HIGH

- Resto Druid - Med
- Resto Shaman - Low
- Holy Paladin - Med

by Lakai on Aug 18, 2017 at 10:00 AM

As our guild grows stronger and stronger, we still need more recruits like you reading this post.

Here are some of the most needed classes right now:

Resto Druid - HIGH
Resto Shaman - HIGH
Holy Paladin - HIGH
Warlock - HIGH

Hunters - MED
Boomkins - MED
Shadow Priest - MED

If your class is not on here, we're still interested in you. We will always consider strong applications so don't be shy, apply today.
by Lakai on Aug 10, 2017 at 11:56 PM

Finally after a proper night on Desolate, and the boss goes down.

Kill Video


We're looking for healers and some ranged dps specifically. Healers come fourth and show yourselves!!

Resto Druid (High)
Resto Shaman (High)
Holy Paladin (High)
Warlock (High)

Boomkin (Medium)
Hunter (Medium)
SP (Medium)

Mage (Low)
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Lakai added a forum thread

6/9M - Mistress Slain + Recruitment

Yes, it's finally fucking dead. Mistress is slain. Recruiting: - Warlocks - HIGH- Boomkins - HIGH- Hunters - HIGH- Shadow Priests - HIGH- Resto Druid - Med- Resto Shaman - Low- Holy Paladin - Med
Lakai added a forum post

Magicmaiden, Mage application.

Accepted, welcome to the club!Now let's see your metal 😁 - an officer will change your rank when online.
Magicmaiden added a forum thread

Magicmaiden, Mage application.

Real Name: RasmusAge: 27Location: Copenhagen, DenmarkArmory Link: about yourself: I'm a 27 year old medical student from Denmark. Finally have some time off from studies...
lotsofburst added a forum thread

Burst - Application

Real Name : AshAge : 23Location : UKArmory Link : Rogue (currant Main) (old main / pvp main) (future ma...
Hadoogin added a forum thread

Hadoogin - WindWalker Monk

Real Name : Zayed (i really prefer you guys to call me by my ingame name) Age : 19Location : Dubai, United Arab Emirates Armory Link : about yourself : I am a collage stude...
Lakai added a forum post

Ravenfury Apping to Depthcore

Add Jas#2356 on BNet and let's get this done. or pm another officer. Regards
Lakai added a forum post

Ravenfury Apping to Depthcore

#13410069 Ravenfury wrote:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------`[~]³ Holy fuck, accepted.
Ravenfury added a forum thread

Ravenfury Apping to Depthcore

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Real Name : Ketil KristoffersenAge : 34Location : Fredrikstad city , NorwayArmory Link :
Lakai added a forum post

its Clipz

Hey, gone to bed. PM Frostrise for an invite, he'll be online.
Clipz added a forum thread

its Clipz

Real Name : AbdulrahmanAge : 24Location : KuwaitArmory Link : about yourself : i am a social guy who love to play wow and interested of doing mythic especially, i don't have jo...