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Application Information - MUST READ

[Pinned] Application Template - Information - READ BEFORE APPLYING

Here's a quick template which you MUST follow, do not deviate from this.If you want to apply privately, please PM me with the below questions answeredYou must have a high profile guild history and excellent end-game raiding experience to even be c...
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Application Information - MUST READ

914 Assassination Rogue Málakaí

Real Name : JakAge : 18Location : UKArmory Link : about yourself : I'm an 18 year old with a Extended Diploma in IT, I currently work as a Team Leader in a Sub...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Domix - fury warrior

Real Name : DominikAge : 22Location : Zagreb, CroatiaArmory Link : about yourself : Regular student on 3rd year who spends his time on faculty, pc games and girlfriend. Conte...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Warrior crabsi(dravengrum)

Real Name : RIkAge : 26Location Netherlands : Armory Link : about yourself : Relaxed social dude, down to earth and loves raiding with a good friendly group.Content Cleared ...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Gogeta, ret pala application

Real Name : Jens LippensAge : 27Location : BelgiumArmory Link : about yourself : Studying industrial engineering and hoping to graduate this year. Other than that i enjoy...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Fury warrrior 892

Real Name : Tyler Graham-Lawley (Plannk)Age : 18Location : EnglandArmory Link : about yourself : Semi hardcore raider that loves trying to improve logs, I swap talents every...
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Guild News

Recruiting for Tomb of Sargeras

Depthcore are now recruiting for Tomb of Sargeras. We're looking for exceptionally skilled players to join a budding roster so we can tackle Tomb head on. We'll be raiding 1-2 times a week but the times we raid are flexible as we're not hardcore #...
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Guild News

After 4 years, we're back! #social

To keep it simple, this guild is now targeted towards players who simply do not have time for a hardcore raiding schedule, but still want to clear relevant content, and perhaps see end-game. This is the place to be if you want to play on YOUR term...
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Guild News

It's been fun! Depthcore is no more.

A sad truth, but I've decided to no longer field a raiding team here on Ravencrest for the foreseeable future. Some of us will still be around, and maybe there will be a pug or two here and there, but all in all, that's all she wrote.I've had the ...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Resto shaman - Lopeì

Real Name : Kasper JørgensenAge : 15Location : DenmarkArmory Link : about yourself : Im a 15 year old guy from denmark I live in a very small town and go to school ...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Mistweaver monk - mistfist

Real Name : HalfdanAge : 17Location : CopenhagenArmory Link : about yourself : im studying on a technical gymnasium / high school which i take pretty serious and then i t...
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Guild News

Recruiting for Heart of Fear / Terrace

Due to recent events, we're now recruiting for full-time raiding positions for Heart of Fear, Terrace of Endless Springs and the remainder of MSV.Paladin (prot - holy - ret)Monk (brew - windwalker - mistweaver)Shaman (ele/resto)WarlockDruid (guard...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Arms warrior, seeking raiding for progression

{deleted post} Stefanh wrote:Real Name : Stefan Heisig :)Age : I'm 18 years old :DLocation : DenmarkArmory Link : about yourself : Hello, my name is Stefan Heisig as read above...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Restoration Druid - Sevilin

Real Name:Stefan NaeslundAge:23Location:Stockholm/SwedenArmory Link: about yourself:Right so like stated above, im 23 years old, i live in Sweden by myself, have my girlfri...
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Guild News

3/6 HC - Gara'Jal bites the dust, F'ing troll.

kill video (live-stream) (fire mage/holydin) + music
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Application Information - MUST READ

Ønyx (level 90 hunter on ravencrest) - Application to DepthCore

Real Name: Aboubakr Ahmad Age: 26Location: Sharjah / United Arab EmiratesArmory Link: about yourself: I’m a Civil Engineering graduate working currently on my Master’s D...
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Guild News

Recruiting x1 healer - Full-time roster spot

Recruiting x1 healer to join our full-time heroic roster for MSV - Heart of Fear - Terrace of Endless Springscan be any of the following- priest holy/disc - shaman resto/ele- druid resto/balance- monk mistweaver/windwalker
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Application Information - MUST READ

Xrealm & faction - Elemental Shaman - Hello! :#

Hey there members of Deapthcore, if its not to much to ask i would like to steal your time with a few of my answers! :)Real Name : Martin KarlssonAge : 20Location : Sweden, LidopingArmory Link :
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Guild News

2/6 HC - Feng the dead

Feng was a great boss to heal, and everyone seemed to enjoy the fight somewhat - Gara'Jal is next, see you on sunday! kill video ---->
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Guild News

1/6 MSV - Stone Guard Slain

Rend flesh indeed - First day of heroics almost ended with a solemn tone, but alas the guards went down in horrendous fashion 8)stream video kill here ---> mage PoV --->
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