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Application Information - MUST READ

[Pinned] Application Template - Information - READ BEFORE APPLYING

Here's a quick template which you MUST follow, do not deviate from this.If you want to apply privately, please PM me with the below questions answeredYou must have a high profile guild history and excellent end-game raiding experience to even be c...
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Application Information - MUST READ

fanske - holy paladin

Real Name : DimiAge : 25Location : GentArmory Link : about yourself : young guy that enjoys playing games. And likes to compete with other people. Aswel realy social and de...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Doveformen - Enhancement Shaman

Real Name : HenryAge : 23Location : UK Armory Link : about yourself : I'm a supply chain analyst who's been playing shaman for way too long. Come back to ToS after ...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Omuljunglei/Portocala - Warrior application

Real Name : GeaniAge : 23Location : RomaniaArmory Link : about yourself : Did casual raiding in wotlk,cata,mop and warlords(full normal clears).Started mythic raiding in ...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Yoghurt - Shadow Priest

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Real Name : ThomasAge : 23Location : GermanyArmory Link : about yourself :I am a 23...
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Guild News

7/9M - Maiden Slain + recruitment

Maiden goes down, simple boss with a tense finish. Recruiting: - Unholy DK- Balance Druid - Shadow Priest- Warlock (Aff/Destro/Demo)
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Application Information - MUST READ

Nibba - Holy Paladin

Real Name : BrianAge : 22Location : NorwayArmory Link : about yourself : Started raiding in WoD with some friends, didnt really work out. But ive pretty much been Pvping since...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Grimwalt - mage application

Real Name : GiovanniAge : 29Location : ItalyArmory Link : about yourself : unavailable on mornings until early afternoon :) i am a physician and work until 16:00 PM...
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Guild News

6/9M - Mistress Slain + Recruitment

Yes, it's finally fucking dead. Mistress is slain. Recruiting: - Warlocks - HIGH- Boomkins - HIGH- Hunters - HIGH- Shadow Priests - HIGH- Resto Druid - Med- Resto Shaman - Low- Holy Paladin - Med
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Application Information - MUST READ

Magicmaiden, Mage application.

Real Name: RasmusAge: 27Location: Copenhagen, DenmarkArmory Link: about yourself: I'm a 27 year old medical student from Denmark. Finally have some time off from studies...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Burst - Application

Real Name : AshAge : 23Location : UKArmory Link : Rogue (currant Main) (old main / pvp main) (future ma...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Hadoogin - WindWalker Monk

Real Name : Zayed (i really prefer you guys to call me by my ingame name) Age : 19Location : Dubai, United Arab Emirates Armory Link : about yourself : I am a collage stude...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Ravenfury Apping to Depthcore

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Real Name : Ketil KristoffersenAge : 34Location : Fredrikstad city , NorwayArmory Link :
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Application Information - MUST READ

its Clipz

Real Name : AbdulrahmanAge : 24Location : KuwaitArmory Link : about yourself : i am a social guy who love to play wow and interested of doing mythic especially, i don't have jo...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Swaggadeus - Shadow priest

Real Name : Nir BlumAge : 24Location : IsraelArmory Link : about yourself : as mentioned, 24 y/o, currently working from home so i have alot of free time on my hands, usu...
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Guild News

Recruitment - Update

As our guild grows stronger and stronger, we still need more recruits like you reading this post. Here are some of the most needed classes right now: Resto Druid - HIGHResto Shaman - HIGHHoly Paladin - HIGHWarlock - HIGHHunters - MEDBoomkins - MED...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Application- Hunter BM

Real Name : Prasad ShimpukadeAge : 33Location : IndiaArmory Link : about yourself : I m 33 yar old now. still ove to play wow playing more than 7-8 years now. i have d...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Swoda Feraldruid

Real Name :AskeAge : 19Location : DenmarkArmory Link : about yourself : Student, laid backContent Cleared : 7/7M 7/10M 9/9HCPrevious Guild History : Raided in Tera gaming most...
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Guild News

5/9M - Desolate Mythic Slain + Recruitment

Finally after a proper night on Desolate, and the boss goes down. Kill VideoRecruitment: We're looking for healers and some ranged dps specifically. Healers come fourth and show yourselves!!Resto Druid (High)Resto Shaman (High)Holy Paladin (High)W...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Calaquendia - Brewmaster Monk

Real Name : MichaelAge : 31Location : PolandArmory Link : about yourself : I work at a factory for a living, Outside of WoW I'm a F1 fan and avid book reader. I consider...
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