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4/11M - High Command + Hasabel Slain

2 bosses, 1 raid night! High Command + Hasabel are slain. Recruitment LF x1 Boomkin - HIGH
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2/11 M - Garothi & Felhounds Slain + Recruitment

First out the blocks, first night 2 mythic bosses complete. Lots to learn, onwards and upwards from here. Recruitment: - x1 Boomkin - x1 Resto Shaman - x1 Resto Druid - x1 Mistweaver
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SMASHED IT! World 17th, EU 4th - Antorus HC Clear + Recruitment

Fantastic effort from everyone involved, we're right where we need to be. Recruitment Update: LF: x1 Boomkinx1 Resto Druid x1 Resto Shaman x1 Disc Priestx1 Mistweaver Also considering applications for other classes if strong enough. Lakai
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8/9M - Avatar M Slain

Just short of 220 pulls, Avatar goes down. Good hustle from everyone, well played! update, we're looking for the below ahead of Antorus: - Rogue (High)- Boomkin (Hi...
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Recruitment Update

Just a quick recruitment update, we're looking for the below ahead of Antorus: - Rogue (High)- Boomkin (High)We're still open to other classes if you feel your application is strong enough, we'll make space. Speak soon!
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7/9M - Maiden Slain + recruitment

Maiden goes down, simple boss with a tense finish. Recruiting: - Unholy DK- Balance Druid - Shadow Priest- Warlock (Aff/Destro/Demo)
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6/9M - Mistress Slain + Recruitment

Yes, it's finally fucking dead. Mistress is slain. Recruiting: - Warlocks - HIGH- Boomkins - HIGH- Hunters - HIGH- Shadow Priests - HIGH- Resto Druid - Med- Resto Shaman - Low- Holy Paladin - Med
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Guild News

Recruitment - Update

As our guild grows stronger and stronger, we still need more recruits like you reading this post. Here are some of the most needed classes right now: Resto Druid - HIGHResto Shaman - HIGHHoly Paladin - HIGHWarlock - HIGHHunters - MEDBoomkins - MED...
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5/9M - Desolate Mythic Slain + Recruitment

Finally after a proper night on Desolate, and the boss goes down. Kill VideoRecruitment: We're looking for healers and some ranged dps specifically. Healers come fourth and show yourselves!!Resto Druid (High)Resto Shaman (High)Holy Paladin (High)W...
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4/9M - Sisters of the Moon Slain

Sisters slain, just dodge those glaives man. PogChamps! Kill Video here - Click me!Also.....recruitment: - Blood DK (High)- Feral DD (High)- Warlock (High)- Hunter (Medium)- Mage (Medium)- Warrior (Medium)- Elemental (Medium)- Shadow Priest (Low)-...
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Guild News

Recruitment - Update

RecruitmentWe're looking for talented players to come forward and apply. The below classes are mainly what we're looking for but we're open to all applications if they're strong enough. - Blood DK (High)- Feral DD (High)- Warlock (High)- Hunter (M...
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3/9M - Demonic Inquisition Slain + Recruitment

After 6 pulls, the demonic duo goes down. We're recruiting for the remainder of the tier, see below: Recruitment- Feral DD (High)- Mistweaver (High)- Mage (Medium)- Warlock (Medium)- Warrior (Medium)- Hunter (Low)- Shadow Priest (Low)- Boomers (Low)
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2/9M - Harjatan Slain + Recruitment

RecruitmentWe're recruiting the below classes for our mythic roster: - Mage (High)- Elemental (Medium)- Hunter (Low)- Warlock (Low)- Shadow Priest (Low)- Boomers (Low)
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1/9M - Goroth Mythic Slain + Recruiting DD's

Goroth bites the dust. It's almost like going bowling with this boss. Anyways, we're recruiting the below classes for our mythic roster: - Mage (High)- Elemental (Medium)- Hunter (Low)- Warlock (Low)- Shadow Priest (Low)- Boomers (Low)If you didn'...
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Guild News

Recruiting for Tomb of Sargeras

Depthcore are now recruiting for Tomb of Sargeras. We're looking for exceptionally skilled players to join a budding roster so we can tackle Tomb head on. We'll be raiding 1-2 times a week but the times we raid are flexible as we're not hardcore #...
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Guild News

After 4 years, we're back! #social

To keep it simple, this guild is now targeted towards players who simply do not have time for a hardcore raiding schedule, but still want to clear relevant content, and perhaps see end-game. This is the place to be if you want to play on YOUR term...
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It's been fun! Depthcore is no more.

A sad truth, but I've decided to no longer field a raiding team here on Ravencrest for the foreseeable future. Some of us will still be around, and maybe there will be a pug or two here and there, but all in all, that's all she wrote.I've had the ...
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Recruiting for Heart of Fear / Terrace

Due to recent events, we're now recruiting for full-time raiding positions for Heart of Fear, Terrace of Endless Springs and the remainder of MSV.Paladin (prot - holy - ret)Monk (brew - windwalker - mistweaver)Shaman (ele/resto)WarlockDruid (guard...
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Guild News

3/6 HC - Gara'Jal bites the dust, F'ing troll.

kill video (live-stream) (fire mage/holydin) + music
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Guild News

Recruiting x1 healer - Full-time roster spot

Recruiting x1 healer to join our full-time heroic roster for MSV - Heart of Fear - Terrace of Endless Springscan be any of the following- priest holy/disc - shaman resto/ele- druid resto/balance- monk mistweaver/windwalker
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