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Application Information - MUST READ

[Pinned] Application Template - Information - READ BEFORE APPLYING

Here's a quick template which you MUST follow, do not deviate from this.If you want to apply privately, please PM me with the below questions answeredYou must have a high profile guild history and excellent end-game raiding experience to even be c...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Plannk-Ravencrest Fury/Arms warrior

Real Name : TylerAge : 18Location : EnglandArmory Link : about yourself : My name is Tyler but most people usually call me plannk since it's my character's name, I like raidi...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Haráld - Mazrigos: Restoration Shaman

Real Name : AxelAge : 18Location : SwedenArmory Link : about yourself : Student with way too much time to spend grinding world of warcraft. I am usually very calm and hard...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Bigtwo- the maelstrom- resto shaman

Real Name : ArmenAge : 28Location : Iran Armory Link : about yourself : playing this game for 7 years and raiding for 5 years. i love team games and sports. always looking...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Zelketh Mage Frost/fire, DH alt

Real Name : ChristopherAge : 26Location : DenmarkArmory Link : Mage about yourself : not much to say. I see my self as a gamer. So spend most of my free time on that...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Zannia-Ravencrest Shadow Priest

Real Name : Jason HindleAge : 23Location : ScotlandArmory Link : about yourself : Content Cleared : Every raid since TBC, with the exception of Tomb of Sargeras and Dragon So...
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Zannia5110Member avatar small Mupp 10d
Application Information - MUST READ

Fudgey Enhancement Shaman

Real Name : GustavAge : 24Location : SwedenArmory Link : about yourself :Living alone, working part-time at the local supermarket (can choose any times I want). Spent 99% of ...
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Fudgey696Member avatar small Mupp 10d
Application Information - MUST READ

Mistweaver Monk - Pandrox

Real Name : TobiasAge : 23Location : DenmarkArmory Link : about yourself : Just finished my Computer Science degree and going to job interviews during the day currently.Con...
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pandrox597Member avatar small Mupp 10d
Application Information - MUST READ

Roczoc BM/MM Hunter

Real Name : Christiaan Age : 26Location : Enschede, The NetherlandsArmory Link : about yourself : Hey, i'm christiaan, aka rocky, 26 years old, with a passion for wow, i pla...
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Application Information - MUST READ


Real Name : johnAge : 23Location : greeceArmory Link : about yourself : i am university student,i study economics and i enjoy gaming.Content Cleared : 7/7 EN, 3/3 TOV, 9...
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mageception2101Small Uppel 16d
Application Information - MUST READ

Sartorial - Retribution Paladin

Real Name : IvanAge : 25Location : CZArmory Link : about yourself : Chill and funnyContent Cleared : ToS (3/9M;9/9HC;9/9N) NH(10/10HC;10/10N)Previous Guild History : Deus ...
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Sartorial271Member avatar small Gogeta 20d
Application Information - MUST READ

Demon Hunter Diamir

Real Name : MateuszAge : 27Location : Poland Armory Link : about yourself : Professionaly I'm a manager in IT. Privately I live with my girlfriendContent Cleared : (Mytthic):...
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Diamir294Member avatar small Gogeta 26d
Application Information - MUST READ

Bambam - Affliction Lock

Real Name : Anna FradelosAge : 30+Location : SwedenArmory Link : about yourself : Hey, Anna from sweden. Been a gamer since my first NES 8 bit when I was like 12 years old...
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Bambam4159Member avatar small Ikarri 26d
Application Information - MUST READ

Yariai - Marksmanship Hunter

Real Name: GeorgeAge: 21Location: England, UKArmory Link: about yourself: I work as a full-time gardener and most of my free time is spent on WoW or League. Been playing WoW ...
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Yariai277Small Uppel 27d
Application Information - MUST READ

Application KeyboardJedi - Warlock

Real Name:FrederikLocation : DenmarkArmory Link : Cant enter site - Keyboardjedi / ravencrestInformation about yourself : Lovely person :-)Content Cleared : Currently 9/9 - heroic.This expansion; Emerald nightmare, Trial of Valor and The nighthold...
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JediPlayer4164Small Lakai 31d
Application Information - MUST READ


Real Name : AlexAge : 26Location : DenmarkArmory Link : about yourself : I work 3 times a week for 6 hours and study at uni.Content Cleared :All of warlords cleared M - EN 9/...
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Alexix2124Small Uppel 45d
Application Information - MUST READ

Kokuvecis - Resto druid

Real Name : ChrisAge : 22Location : LatviaArmory Link : Information about yourself : University student studying computer engineering. In my free time play a lot of video games. Content...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Demon Hunter - Cthraxxi - Havoc - DPS

Real Name : SamAge : 23Location : TurkeyArmory Link : about yourself : Hello there.I am Sam and i am 23 years old.I am working as a Game Developer in Turkey.I like playing guitar...
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Cthraxxi4155Small Lakai 54d
Application Information - MUST READ

Boline MM hunter application

Real Name : BoAge : 31Location : DenmarkArmory Link : about yourself : Im 31 years old. Living in denmark. I enjoy competetive gaming and have been competetive in dota 2 and cs ...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Panobemix, froggy resto druid !

Hello !My name is Panobemix (it's a French joke, it'll be hard for me to translate it, sorry :D).My real name is Ludovic. I'm 37 and I leave in Troyes, a small town in France. I'm married and i have two children.Here you can find a link to my armo...
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