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To keep it simple, this guild is now targeted towards players who simply do not have time for a hardcore raiding schedule, but still want to clear relevant content, and perhaps see end-game. This is the place to be if you want to play on YOUR terms, not someone else.

We're inviting players from all walks of life to join us in building a roster of skilled players who have either been in top-guilds, have great pve/pvp experience and high levels of maturity.

We will do raids, rbgs and plenty of mythic+, but there is no schedule nor agenda. It's casual after all. Hopefully you can create a group from people on the roster before going to group finder, and you'll be better off for it .

This will be an exciting place to be casual, but still get through harder content that most other casual guilds would not be able to.

Age Restriction: 25+
Contact: either pm Ashenxj-Ravencrest, reply to this post or find any online member and ask for an officer.

We'll be aiming for a roster of 100+ active players, so come and be a part of something unique.

We look forward to gaming with you.
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