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#13385025 Aug 07, 2017 at 02:14 PM
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Real Name : Ash

Age : 28

Location : United Kingdom

Armory Link :

Information about yourself :

Generally speaking I am a very laid back person and easy to get on with person to sum it up.

I've always got time for people and quite mellow about most things but quite a determined/persistent person as well when it comes down to real gritty things!

Content Cleared :

Vanilla - ZG/MC/BWL/ONY
Wotlk - N/A
Cata - N/A
MoP - N/A
WoD - Heroic HFC / PVP - 2000
Legion - NH (Heroic) / TOS - (2/9M)

Previous Guild History :

Doing it Wrong -Moved on to move into a mythic guild
Disorganised - Guild has announced they have stopped raiding.

Current Spec : Arms

Raid Availability :Flexible with raid available however the two days mentioned are viable

Recent WoL/WWS Logs :

Why do you want to join Depthcore? :

I am currently looking to settle into a new mythic guild raiding home. I'm currently playing every evening at the moment whether its mythic progress / AP farming / reading up on rotations parses for TOS, so I am looking for a guild who is on the same level dedication & activity.

After having a quick look over your progression and quite a straight to the point recruitment post, I think this could be well suited for myself.

What would you consider to be the "Hardest" encounter for you so far? : Vaelastraz - BWL - Vanilla. I still think this was one of the hardest encounters to date and took months of wiping before getting it down!

Current Hardware :

AMD FX 4300 CPU 3.8GHz
NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX™ 1050Ti 4Gb dedicated graphics

Interface/Raiding Addon's List :


User Interface Screenshot :

Day's Played : 15 Days on this character

Internet Connection : 100MB

Do you have anything special to tell us? : Not that comes to mind at the moment ;-)

Additional information : N/A

Any Alts? : i have a holy paladin but just him to mine/blacksmith for additional gold now.

Contact information : Frequence#2482

Final words :

Thanks for your time on reading the application and hope to hear back from yourself soon.

#13386599 Aug 08, 2017 at 03:03 PM
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Hi Ash,

We'd like to see you perform in raids on trial with us!
Welcome aboard, please whisper an officer when you're online.

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