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#13433816 Sep 10, 2017 at 08:15 PM
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Real Name: Rasmus

Age: 27

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Armory Link:

Information about yourself: I'm a 27 year old medical student from Denmark. Finally have some time off from studies, as I am splitting the next semester in half. I like computer games, watching series and hanging out with friends, the usual stuff. I recently started playing again after a yearlong break or so, since we cleared HFC.

Content Cleared: I have raided pretty much every expansion, but most hardcore with raids like Firelands and Dragon Soul, where we did a lot (that time it was heroic). I've done lots of heroics back when that was max, and also been a raidleader for several guilds in the past all the way back to Vanilla. I did Mythics in Siege of Orgrimmar and when we had cleared Hellfire Citadel and a couple mythics I stopped raiding last time. And now I am back. I haven't always played mage, but most of the bigger achievements have been on my mage.

Previous Guild History: I have been in Unforgiven where we did mythic raiding, then Twilight Rebels with Tankology / Critstalker, who also told me about Depthcore.

Current Spec: Frost Mage.

Raid Availability: I have a lot of free time now, because my studies are only half time.

Recent WoL/WWS Logs: Haven't done any mythics yet this expansion and I am still missing 1 part for the 4-set bonus, so I haven't logged anything. I use simulators to find the best gear and setups now (Thanks Uppel)

Why do you want to join Depthcore?: I`m looking for a guild where I can be a part of high-end raiding, but not every night of the week as I have in the past, so I can still have time for other things.

What would you consider to be the "Hardest" encounter for you so far?: I've wiped a lot on Heroic Lich King back in ICC and we also spend a long time at Mythic Malkorok in SoO. Ended up getting them down though.

Current Hardware :

Recently got a new PC build at the company MM-vision, for a lot of money, suited to handle anything. I don't know about the details, since I am not building PCs myself.

Interface/Raiding Addon's List:
DBM, GTFO, WeakAuras, RClootCouncil, Recount, Raid Tools, Simulationcraft, Pawn, BagLite

User Interface Screenshot:

Day's Played: 200 on my mage, and then a lot on my Druid also.

Internet Connection: 100Mbit

Do you have anything special to tell us?: Looking forward to having fun hanging out and raiding with you.

Additional information: I could maybe level my druid up to tank / heal, if that's something the guild might need for the upcoming raid.

Any Alts?: Moonrider, Druid

Contact information: Mail = I am already in the guild, so I should be quite easy to reach :-)

Final words: `[~]³
#13434552 Sep 11, 2017 at 09:40 AM
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Accepted, welcome to the club!

Now let's see your metal 😁 - an officer will change your rank when online.
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