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#13729880 Apr 11, 2018 at 11:52 PM
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w00t 11/11M - it's been a crazy tier for Depthcore but we've made it across the finishing line. Argus is now slain, 397 pulls only raiding 3 days per week, x3 hours per raid. Good hustle.

deathknight (dd) high
deathknight (tank) high
demon hunter (dd) high
demon hunter (tank) high
druid (balance) high
druid (feral-tank) high
hunter high
mage high
monk (tank) high
paladin (holy) high
paladin (protection) high
priest (dd) high
rogue high
warlock high
warrior (protection) high

Kill video will be edited over the next few days, will post here when it's up!

Thanks again everyone.
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