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Name : Emil

Age & Location : 17,Sweden

Armory/ :

Information about yourself : 17 year old Swedish dude that plays this game alot more then I should

Content Cleared : 10/11M ANT,6/9 ToS.

Previous Guild History : Overcharged. (Viribus/imageless on shadow priest.)

Current Spec(s) : Windwalker (Starting to play Mistweaver a little bit)

Raid Availability : Everyday as long as it´s disclosed 1 week in beforehand

Recent Warcraft Logs :

Why do you want to join Depthcore? : Steady progression,seems to be laidback from what I've encountered so far

Name x2 things you love to see in a raiding guild : Joking during reclears.Alive social aspect (Aka not having everyone just log in for the raid and then when the raid is over log out.)

Name x2 things you hate to see in a raiding guild : Raiders that put their parses above the guilds sucess and hindering progress by being parse greedy.Unconstructive raid officers.

What are your views around benching people for raid composition or performance issues? : When it comes to composition it's just something that happens,some specs are just alot better on some fights then others,and on progress I´d rather have the guild be able to draft the right setup rather then being setback.When it comes to being benched for performance I think it´s perfectly fine as long as you explain to that person WHY (rather then just benching them without telling them,and not giving them a chance to improve on it)

What would you consider to be the "Hardest" encounter for you so far? : When it comes to during progression ; It was definately kin´garoth for me - Not necessarily because of the mechanics,but mostly due to knowing when your burst is needed and when it´s not.

How do you keep your character up-to-date? : Always do a weekly +15(+) and a weekly heroic run,if it´s a good affix week I'll also make sure to do a few high keys

Do you have BFA Beta? : No :(

Current Hardware :
I3 8100
8gb ddr 4
GTX 1060

Interface/Raiding Addon's List : For interface I pretty much just use elvui,and for raiding I´m currently using Big wigs,exorsus raid tools and Weak auras 2. (can also use DBM if needed,dont really mind)

User Interface Screenshot(s) :

Day's Played :

Internet Connection & Stability :

Do you have anything special to tell us? : I provide memes

Additional information : Jas/Lakai contacted me on bnet from wowprogress and asked me to fill this out

Any Alts? : A shadow priest : (Havent really played it a ton recently though.)

Contact information : Night#23853 (BNET). Night#8293 (DISCORD).

Tell us a joke : Normal jokes are boring : Here´s a video:

Final comments : I´m rather reliable,as you can see here :
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