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#13806516 Jul 02, 2018 at 11:44 PM
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Name : Martin

Age & Location : 24 Skopje, Macedonia

Warcraftlogs :

Information about yourself : I am a software engineer, I work from monday to friday from 9 to 5 server time, I like to hangout with friends and chill out. Usually I chill on Discord when I get back from work I like to play some games with friends. Always open to playing with new people and having fun.

Content Cleared : Antorus 11/11m, ToS 6/9, Nighthold 8/10 (I transfered realm and changed class mid ToS)

Previous Guild History : My guild moved to Horde in order to solve their recruitment issues, which a lot of guilds seem to be doing nowadays.

Current Spec(s) : Frost/Fire (I started off as fire and did most of the stuff as fire cause I saw the t21 bonus but it got nerfed hard, I continued with fire till Argus)

Raid Availability : Available for all days for the raids you guys do

Recent Warcraft Logs :

Why do you want to join Depthcore? : I am looking for a good guild for doing reclears and BfA mostly. Your raid times suit me fine because most guilds have Sundays as a raiding day which some I have to miss out on. You seem like a good guild with good raiders.

Name x2 things you love to see in a raiding guild :
- I love to see consistency when it comes to attendance and performance regardless of what is needed from them
- A drama less raiding environment where you can be serious and funny at the same time
Name x2 things you hate to see in a raiding guild :
- People being toxic, causing a bad atmosphere, throwing shade and generally setting a bad vibe everything that is wrong needs to be discussed in a civil manner and there is no need in causing a big fuss about most stuff
- Not taking constructive criticism and improving based on remarks by people from the raiding team

What are your views around benching people for raid composition or performance issues? : I am fine with people being benched if they are under performing I believe everyone can have an off day or is just not doing good for a particular boss fight, if I myself am doing bad and we have replacements I'd ask to be replaced.

What would you consider to be the "Hardest" encounter for you so far? : The hardest would probably be Argus Mythic, doing it as a guild more so than individual because after a certain number of wipes you know the encounter by heart.

How do you keep your character up-to-date? : I usually check the altered time forum, warcraft logs to see what the best parses are doing and usually pm some good mages in game to ask them about certain questions I might have, besides that I sim myself regularly with every item I get or to see if some items are an upgrade or not.

Do you have BFA Beta? : Yes, only recently

Current Hardware : NVidia 1050Ti GTX, 16 GB ram, I5-5300 CPU

Interface/Raiding Addon's List : DBM, Quartz, OPie, OmniCC, Prat, Skada, WeakAuras, SimulationCraft, AngryKeystones, ExorsusRaidTools

User Interface Screenshot(s) :

Day's Played : 40 days 14 hours on my Mage

Internet Connection & Stability : One month ago I got optic internet so now it is pretty stable, it wasn't unstable before hand but it was hard playing with 90 ms.

Do you have anything special to tell us? : I am a pretty reliable solid raider, who usually goes by the logic doing mechanics is better than dying, so sometimes my DPS might suffer but I usually do survive for the longest time. I am usually pretty punctual, I bring my A game and do what is needed in order to kill the boss, if my damage needs to be lower but the add needs to die, I will sacrifice my dps in order to kill the boss. If we are wiping to lack of something I am glad to do what is needed. Which is why I tanked on my DK for Aggrammar mythic because we lacked DK's and I had an alt which was ready to raid mythic and was happy to help. That's why I dont have logs for Aggrammar because for the re-clears I had to go on my DK. Aswell as escorting on Mythic Argus. I went from Fire to Frost just because Frost is a lot better to play and help the raid on that boss. I've also healed in ToS and tanked a bit aswell, only started playing mage from the middle of ToS and competitively in Antorus. I can get familiar with any class and if I play it enough get comftorable.

Additional information : As far as the future is concerned I am a mage now but I am still considering what I am going to play for BfA probably will stay a ranged class, as warlock and hunter are also on the table but I might stay mage. I still haven't explored beta enough and don't know the numbers etc. I need to look at the play styles of these classes and see and determine what I am going to play for next expansion. I would probably level a DH as an alt aswell and depending from that cause I have some of the classes I will see what my alt would be. I play a lot of this game I used to push mythic+ but then just got eventually tired of random people every time and always one person making a big mistake and depleting the key and just stopped and decided to level alts and gear alts which seemed more fun.

Any Alts? : I have a DK and Monk which are mythic ready basically the DK is 970 and the monk is 965 and I got a hunter who is 962 so I have them pretty geared.

Contact information : Rajer#2371 BNet

Tell us a joke : My Wife said she's going to leave me because of my poker addiction
But i'm not sure whether she was bluffing or not

Final comments : I would rather have this application on Discord as I said to one of your officers because I feel like I can tell you more in less time than it is to write this application and at the end for you guys to read it. Saying that I think in me you will find a good, punctual, mehcanical raider who is willing to improve and play to the best of his ability. I am not shy to talk on comms, and not shy to state an opinion aswell. I am a competitive person and I also like to be the best I can or atleast try to. If you have more questions and want to speak you can add me freely on my BNet.
#13807952 Jul 05, 2018 at 08:00 AM
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Hi Martin

My apologies for the late reply, we had a guildmeeting on wednesday where we discussed our roster going into BfA. I was waiting on that before replying to you.

The meeting has shown that we are not in need of any extra mages.

For that reason I'm not going to offer you trial.

Good luck in your search and I wish you all the best.
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#13808714 Jul 06, 2018 at 09:33 AM
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No problem for the late reply, as I said my mage is my most geared character and I am the best on him. As I said I don't know what I am gonna play next expansion seeing how a lot of the classes are changing aswell, I might change for something more interesting. Good luck in finding people who have mained a class you need throughout Legion and will do so in BfA.

Good luck in BfA.

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