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#13822085 Jul 25, 2018 at 04:30 PM
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Just look at those poses.

As you all know, BFA is right around the corner and just wanted to update anyone that follows the guild on how we're doing.

We're still recruiting, let's just be clear on that - our roster is continually improving and pushing the limits of player capabilities, technique and out-right skill. It's been a long time since Depthcore were raiding back in Cataclysm, but we're getting back to our usual-self. Here are some classes we're looking for:

- Hunter
- Priest
- Death Knight
- Warlock

The specs listed above are for all specs. Flexibility and class knowledge is important, we simply don't accept players who can only perform well on a single spec, that's not what we're about.

If you're looking or interested in applying, visit our guild forum and all instructions are listed there. Now players are not the only thing we're looking for, we're also looking for:

- x1 WeakAura guru

This person will actively create weakaura's for us during progression in a very fast paced environment. Please contact an officer to apply for this role, or post on the forum!

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