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Name : MiƂosz

Age & Location : I am 30 years old and currently living in Poland.

Warcraftlogs :

Information about yourself : I am and always been an avid gamer and nerd in general. Currently i do not work and my school times are behind me. Outside of WoW i do play tons of other games-pretty much all the time. If not - you can find me binge watching tv series or just listening to music.

Content Cleared :

7/7 Emerald Nightmare
3/3 Trial of Valor
9/10 Nighthold
7/9 Tomb of Sargeras

Personally i have missed last progress kill. Guild shut down its organized mythic raiding at this point - month before Antorus Mythic release. I am on a break since then - hence no Antorus experience of any kind.

Previous Guild History : I have been a raider in The Enigma Order (Ravencrest) pretty much majority of the time between a year of 2009 and 2017 when the guild effectively stopped raiding. Originally on Stormreaver and later on Ravencrest. Before migration from Stormreaver i was in Dark Ritual - top Alliance guild during Wrath of the Lich King.

During The Burning Crusade i was part of ''The Order of the Muffin'' on Daggerspine - also top guild at the time (thought i did stop playing before Sunwell released).

My Vanilla experience was limited only to Zul'Gurub since i started late into the game and was not quite hooked into raiding yet back then.

In Cataclysm I was a member of GAMESENSE on Outland - one of the best PvP guilds in Europe at that time (not sure if it is in any way relevant but yeah just keeping things honest). That expansion was almost exclusively PvP focused for me so my PvE experience was very limited during that time.

All this time i mainly played a DPS Death Knight and Hunter and all content was always done on a highest available difficulty and raid size at any given point in time.

For the sake of clarity and to sum everything up :

Vanilla - I honestly cannot even recall (apologies if some of the old timers somehow stumbled upon this app and they remember my name)
TBC - Order of the Muffin
WotLK - The Enigma Order and Dark Ritual
Cataclysm - GAMESENSE (PvP focused expansion)
MoP - The Enigma Order
WoD - The Enigma Order
Legion - The Enigma Order

Current Spec(s) : Beast Mastery / Marksmanship

Raid Availability : I am able to cover current Depthcore's raid schedule in 100% (plus additional day/days during progression). In case of some unforeseen real life circumstances - i would let know the officer team via text messages or phone (or well however you guys deal with this sort of stuff).

Recent Warcraft Logs : To make everything clearer and how it is related to recent logs, I would like to explain my current situation in ''Do you have anything special to tell us'' part of the application - if that is ok.

Why do you want to join Depthcore? : Let me preface this question with this. For the major part of last decade i have been a part of one guild - The Enigma Order. Always as a Raider. Profile of the guild was a semi hardcore 3 day raiding (throughout majority of its lifespan). The goal was to maintain a stable riding environment and to clear the most difficult content before it stops being relevant but without forcing any excessive practices on players (like split runs or having multiply raid ready alts etc). We would have all kind of players of varying skill levels but always fun to play together with. It was never the main concern/goal of the guild to raid JUST for worldwide rank. This approach and philosophy naturally reflected in progress ranks and i believe as a guild we peaked around 350 during WoD (while being nr 7 on Ravencrest).

I am quite convinced that building a guild more as a community - rather than just this machine with many moving parts to get worldwide ranks at any cost - is precisely a reason why The Enigma Order was around from early days of Vanilla WoW to the end of 2017. As opposed to all those Guilds that you see for one expansion (or Tier even) with really good results but then you never hear of them again. In my opinion - the group of people that raids just for numbers/ranks as their main motivation - has quite short expiration date.

Having said all that - Legion was the lowest point for my guild in its entire history and that reflected not only in the subpar progress. Due to various reasons - quite many older members stopped raiding. Sometimes it had to do with quality of expansion itself and sometimes with real life circumstances. Long story short - thanks to amazing effort of Officer Team the roster was stabilized and we kept on raiding.

But as the time went by - atmosphere inside of raids just was not the same and various conflicts started appearing between players. We just did not have fun doing what we always did together. Enigma Order effectively has shut down raiding after GM (and raid leader at the same time) left to pursue raiding somewhere else (which happened at the start of November last year). There was nobody else who could/wanted to step in and everybody just sort of scattered around.

I apologize if this was too long - it is just all to show that my utmost priority is finding a Guild that will be around for quite some time. I would like to get back into raiding and actually have fun doing it once again (which i cannot honestly say about my Legion experience). I want to be a part of community with real ties to it and be proud to represent it.

Depthcore fits the profile i was looking for. Which is an international 3 day semi-hardcore Guild and on Alliance where all of my characters are. With raid times and days that i can guarantee. There are only few choices like that on Ravencrest. Obviously it helps that guilds current progress was much better than that of my old guild in current expansion.

Main selling point for me personally was this little bit in Depthcore WoWProgress profile : ''an experienced team who've known each other for 6+ years''. Loyalty and building bonds that last years - i will take that above anything else that most guilds out there claim that they can provide. Stable roster is important for me as well - i can count on the fingers of one hand the amount of times my previous guild had to cancel a raid due to not having enough of people and that is over a span of a decade. I like that you guys do not mass recruit just for the sake of recruiting like many guilds out there.

Name x2 things you love to see in a raiding guild : Having a relaxed atmosphere during ''downtime'' like farm raids etc - but at the same time ability to go in a serious mode when it is called for.
I appreciate when the guild runs like a well oiled machine and as just a grunt Raider - you mostly just take care of your own stuff and personal responsibilities.

Name x2 things you hate to see in a raiding guild : Lack of transparency between Leading Team and rest of the guild. I detest if things are just being done behind the scenes and not much explanation (if any) is given concerning certain events/people within the guild.

Egocentric attitudes/mindsets that make it very hard to own up to personal mistakes which only gets in the way of fixing any potential issues - be it current raid strategy or things outside of raids.

What are your views around benching people for raid composition or performance issues? : It is unfortunate that Blizzard over the course of this game has proven time and time again to design encounters/bosses that encourage class stacking or cheesing certain mechanics. Personally i would rather not have those kind of situations in the first place. Having said that - i do not have a problem with that and it is just how the game works nowadays. I do make kill videos so if i have a choice - i would rather be on the first kills. But team always comes first - if for whatever reason i gotta get benched - so be it.

We all get sat on bosses we dont want to - at one point or another. It is just a nature of being a mythic raider. And about being benched for performance issues - cannot say i have any experience with that. I suppose it is totally justified if warranted and there would be no bad blood from me or hurt feeling - in case that ever happens to me.

What would you consider to be the "Hardest" encounter for you so far? : Imperator Mar'Gok and Gul'dan - logically i would have to say it is the bosses that my previous guild did not kill when they were relevant. Like Lei-Shen would be a good example of that as well.

How do you keep your character up-to-date? : I will assume this means keeping up with knowledge about the class i am currently playing and not things you do in game for growth of a character. In general - i try to utilize any resources available which nowadays there is plenty of. Multiply video channels, streams, discords and various guides/blogs etc. Basically anything that class community puts out there. I do sim my characters as well though more often than not it has little to do with how things perform in actual raid scenario. I always enjoyed it though from the early days of Rawr, later Simcraft , Mr.Robot etc. I feel i am a flexible and adaptive player and can play more than one class/spec or swap to something that is needed which i did few times throughout all my time in WoW. In Legion alone i played 3 classes as a Raider and never found it problematic to keep up to date knowledge wise and fulfilling standards that were required of me.

Do you have BFA Beta? : Yes i do. I am testing all classes/specs for about a month+ now since i am not really sure what to play and what is my guild situation going to be in BFA.

Current Hardware :

Intel Core i7-4770k
16 gigs RAM
GeForce 980

Interface/Raiding Addon's List : Ok so i am kind of crazy when it comes to addons and scripts/macros and usually got large amount of them. During Legion i had over 70 installed addons (not all at the same time and specific to just one class). It is always kind of slick and reasonable UI though - i try not to have too much clutter. For BFA i do plan to swap to ElvUI suite like most people these days (which tbh does consist of majority of my usual addons).

Must have addons for raiding would be :

Boss Mod - sometimes DBM, sometimes BigWigs
Exorsus Raid Tools
Angry Assignements etc basically some addon for notes
Weak Auras for like lot of stuff in general
Details for analyzings dmg etc.
Plus some class specific addons usually.

User Interface Screenshot(s) :

Day's Played : 111 days on a Hunter (not my original Vanilla/TBC Hunter). Around 500 on other characters up from WotLK (in which i made this particular account) to Legion before Antorus.

Internet Connection & Stability : 80 mbs download and 10 mbs upload. Ping hovering around 40 ms. I get disconnects every now and then like all of us i suppose. I would say very stable connection overall.

Do you have anything special to tell us? : Right so this is something i wish i could start with to avoid any confusion etc. I applied with a Hunter as it was one of 3 classes i played during and also same 3 classes happen to be up for recruitment in Depthcore (Hunter, Warlock, Death Knight). If you need Shadow Priest and nobody is brave enough to play it - i can do that as well though i have no real experience as Priest.

Basically due to my current situation (guild falling apart and not having a main/playing during Antorus) - BFA is a fresh slate for me. I gotta start from the scratch and if it benefits the team - i am willing to fill pretty much any DPS spec. Having said that - majority of my WoW time has been on Death Knight / Hunter. And as far as recent experience and confidence - i can cover a spot for Hunter / Death Knight / Warlock.

I realize this is probably unusual in application process and if you guys prefer standard applications - i respect that and will be on my way. But yeah - without having Antorus geared character and current logs, i chose this way to apply. This all pertains to the lack of recent logs that i could provide.

Logs from Hunter - i am not even sure if everything has been saved and how accurate it is after all this time. And my Warlock as a reroll for ToS was still sort of in gearing up phase (also got really unlucky with legendaries and did not even have 2 BiS legendaries when we were already like 6 bosses into Tomb of Sargeras). So most likely than not - there will not even be any logs worth showing there.

I understand today metrics for judging players are way different than couple of years ago. And most guilds would rather see geared to the teeth toon with current raid kills. I am applying on the off chance that somewhere out there - somebody is able to see past all the usual stuff and just see a fellow mythic raider who has lost his home. To see a player behind the in-game character and not just bunch of ilvls etc.

Additional information : Let me hijack this and turn into AKA: Why Me : I like to think i do not need much hand-holding. Loyalty, dedication, contributing as best as i can - is what i am offering. In general i think i could be an asset to a raiding team if given a chance. I do get along with other players, socialize outside of raids and stay away from any possible drama.

With some people that i have met during all this time in WoW even many years ago - we still talk on a daily basis.

I do put the team above my personal needs and try to be as well informed about my class/specs as i can. Same comes for boss encounters. Also i do understand that sometimes you gotta sit a raid out and it is impossible to keep everybody happy. I am mature and self-critical person in general.

I feel like i could be a part of a core team even few years down the road - if you guys do stick around and give me a chance to prove myself and raid on a somehow higher level than i am used to. But if you prefer to just go with a ''sure thing'' and tangible things like recent logs etc - i totally understand.

I am quite eager to resume raiding as soon as possible but i would be happy to just join a guild and wait for an opening in the roster. In the meantime i could participate and help out with Mythic+ etc. If people generally accept me as a person and find me to be a competent player - I will be more than happy to wait for a test period later on.

Any Alts? : I have 10 characters at 110. In Legion raided on Death Knight (Emerald Nightmare and Trial of Valor), Hunter (Nighthold) and Warlock (Tomb of Sargeras).

Link to a Death Knight:
Link to a Hunter:
Link to a Warlock:

Contact information :
BattleTag: Sagidu@2925
Discord: Sagidu#6353

Tell us a joke : What is the difference between a priest and a pimple?
Pimple waits until you are a teenager to come on your face.
(apologies if i hurt somebodys religious feelings but yeah it is just a joke)

Final comments : In the spirit of total transparency and honesty - I want to be open about what i am doing. For my guild search i did consider several guilds on Ravencrest that fit the criteria and are open recruitment wise. I will be applying to them in no particular order - to each every few days or so (unless of course i get accepted). So far i did apply to Civitas couple of days ago.

I understand application review process can take up to a week or more and in normal circumstances i would have waited full maximum time. However due to unusual nature of my application combined with the fact that i did not participate in the last Tier of raiding - it makes chances of getting accepted slim and there is not much time before BFA. If that is an issue - i understand and apologize for wasting your time.

I also make kill videos on progress and stream sometimes (though that is really just for friends and guildies who had to sit out on a boss). If that is restricted/forbidden on progress - i have no problem with that. In case somebody is interested or bored etc and wants to check out UI/addons or just laugh at my fuck ups - my Youtube channel is MrSagidu.

If you guys have any questions or just want to chat about something - hit up my Bnet or Discord or whatever and i will be glad to answer.

And apologies to whoever is on review duty for probably at this point - wall of text and shitty or non existent formatting skills.

Thank you for your time.

(And wish you good luck in BFA in case i just get declined after like 5 hrs of this being up on forums)


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Hi Milosz

The guy on review duty is me, no apologies needed because this is a very well written application.

We are going to review your application and I'll contact you if I have any further questions.

Talk to you soon.
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