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Age & Location:
I am 31 years old and living in Denmark


Information about yourself :
I spend the last 5 years working and doing education, having the last 2 years taking all of my time, which is why I haven't been much active in Legion. I work as a cisco network security specialist, however, at my job I have finally managed to create a stable working hour schedule which allows me to play WoW on a much more serious level. When I'm not working I tend to spend a few hours after work in the local gym, trying to reach my goal of +200kg bench press๐Ÿ˜Ž. I'm close to reaching my goal, which in life and in general is something I strive to furfil-- setting up personal goals and making them come true. I live with my girlfriend and my 2 awesome cats, Mr Gatsby and Daisy. After a long day at work and gym, I like to relax with WoW. I'm a social and outgoing guy, I like to chill out on discord, do dungeons together, pvp and just have a great time together.

Content Cleared:
4/7 Emerald Nightmare mythic
11/11 Antorus Heroic
As mentioned above, I didn't really do any serious raiding on a 'hardcore' level, however, It's something that i really want to get going in BFA. My only "real" hardcore raiding experience as I would call it was back in WoTLK-- getting my Tribute to Insanity kill.

Previous Guild History:
Escape From Reality: The guild I started in during Legion. Promises were made this should be a hardcore raiding guild, however, it turned out not to be the case. Only 4/7 in EN. After a very short time the guild fell apart.

Past raiding achievements and world rankings:
Tribute to Insanity and of course various curves.

Current Spec(s):

Raid Availability:
I will be able to attend 100%, as work won't be any obstacle and my better half is all cool with my "nerding" a few times a week playing with "orcs and trolls". If anything were to come up I would of course do everything I can to let you know in a good time in advance.

Recent Warcraft Logs:
Haven't got any. If you like some during pre BFA, during AT raid, I guess I can come up with some? More info at "Do you have anything special to tell us".

Why do you want to join Depthcore?:
I want to be part of a 3(4-5 during progression) day raiding and you guys seem to me to be the perfect match. I have been on Ravencrest since Vanilla. I have seen guilds come and go and especially your guild-- Depthcore is one that always have sticked in my mind. I remember the "old days" with Depthcore. You might not be in the very hardcore end of +30 EU guild, you are in the middle and that's perfectly fine for me. First and foremost, I seek a place I can call home. A place I can relax and have fun with progression and with people who share my goals for raiding and playing this game. You are in my eyes-- a old guild who 'still' is alive despite being around so many years which tells me you got some proper leadership and more importantly knows how to run a guild and that means this guild has something special; A strong leadership, friendship and people who knows how to play is everything to me.

Being a international guild is a huge plus in my book as well, since I like to expand my network and friendship across different countries than my own. So far I have made several great friendship and hopefully more to come with Depthcore. With BFA around the corner and all of its glorious features, I'm more than sure that Depthcore will adjust fine to the changes and once again do impressively progression.

Name x2 things you love to see in a raiding guild :
1) People coming WELL prepaied.
2) Relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Name x2 things you hate to see in a raiding guild :
1) People NOT coming prepared. Reading up on tactics / seeing videos etc.
2) 'Chaos' .. a bit of above, but people not knowing what to do. Raid leader/Officer/GM not standing their ground.

What are your views around benching people for raid composition or performance issues?
We all share a goal: Progression. Teamwork is the keyword here. If for some reason my class / me as a player in under performing then I wouldn't hesitate to speak up and suggest maybe a bench spot for me during the specific encounter. It's team game, not a solo run. I would have absolute no problem sitting on bench. No whine and drama coming from me.

What would you consider to be the "Hardest" encounter for you so far?:
2 boss':

Getting that Tribute to Insanity was insane.. INSANELY hard! 1 death during the whole raid instance and achievement ruined. Me being single interrupter on spiders was one of the most terrifying yet awesome things I and ever experienced. That kill and achievement is something I will be proud of til the day I die!

Twin Ogron:
For some people it was easy.. for me? A living hell! Those fire rings I never managed to understand. Got burned so badly.

How do you keep your character up-to-date?
Keeping myself well informed on several DH class sites as well as follow good DH players. Gather information on BiS gear for specific purposes such as raiding and mythic dungeon is something I spend lots of time. Then do my own simcraft, making sure I'm gearing correct and I got a HUGE love for creating my own weak auras!

Do you have BFA Beta? :
Yes I do(Thank God!) and its been so great having to test out my beloved class in BFA environment.

Current Hardware:
Intel Core i7-7700k ~ oc 4.8
32 GB RAM ~ 2x 16 CL15
1080 Ti Aorus Extreme

Interface/Raiding Addon's List:[/b
The most important ones:
ElvUI - How can you play without is a mystery to me!
.. got a few minor important ones as well.

[b]User Interface Screenshot(s):

Day's Pla yed:
53 days on DH.
140 on warrior. MoP + WoD
115 on Paladin. WoTLK + MoP

Internet Connection & Stability :
40/20 mbit, however, being a cisco guy I don't got internet problems ;)

Do you have anything special to tell us?
The selling point! I know my overall progress from MoP and forward aren't the greatest, however, all I'm asking for is really simple: A chance to prove myself. And what better timing can you ask for in the beginning of a new expansion ehh?!๐Ÿ˜† I'm more than sure I will live up to the high expectations associated being a member of Depthcore.

BFA is the beginning, my start on hardcore wow raiding again and i've been looking so much forward to it! As a small side info I can tell that during lunch of BFA I have taken 1ยฝ week vacation from work. Gotta farm and gear up so i'm ready for raid! ๐Ÿ˜ Let the hype begin!

I guess this is quite an unsual application, not having any logs nor great progress in this current expansion. So the big question remains: Why in the name of God pick me? Well, I hope I have shown you above, what type of guy I am. When I set a goal I will see it be furfilled. I consider myself a 'skilled player' one who belongs on mythic raiding level and not on heroic. I have the dedication, mindset and will to strive to be better. I offer a great player, one who knows his class, one who is up to date, being mature, a good friend you can rely on and have a good time with. Hopefully new friendships can be made both in- and outside of the game.

Any Alts?:
Got all class 110 on Ravencrest. Anyone I like to play in BFA? Not really. I plan to spend all my time gearing my and constant improving my DH. Perhaps DK or Warlock.

Contact information:
BattleTag: Evv#2233
Discord: Evv#5212

Tell us a joke:
Anton, do you think Iโ€™m a bad mother?

.. My name is Paul.

Final comments:


Best regards,

#13830278 Aug 05, 2018 at 07:45 PM
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Hi Evv.

Cheers for making this application!

At this moment we have 3 main raiding DPS demon hunters in our team. Also our melee roster is pretty much full.

For that reason I can't offer you a trial with us.

I do want to mention. If you find yourself looking for a guild after a couple of months, or after the first tier, be sure to check us out again.

By then you should have gained relevant decent logs and experience to show us how good you really are.

Kind regards and the best of luck finding a guild.

Life and beer are very similar; Chill for best results.

Ranged and Recruitment officer
#13830280 Aug 05, 2018 at 07:47 PM
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Hi Uppel

First, thanks for the very fast response! Second, I will differently keep an eye out for you guys!

Best regards, Evv
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