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Name : James

Age & Location : 24, England

Warcraftlogs : (I only raided mythic in a very low ranked guild for the start of tomb) rest are heroic logs. Most of my top logs are from mage in cata Toxile-aszune.

Information about yourself : I'm 24 years old i work in HVAC and as a guide writer for method/wowhead and skillcaped and do other forms of coaching in arena/rated battlegrounds i'm also a tournament competing shadow priest in pvp. Apart from that i enjoy cycling and spending any free time i have in the gym out with friends or with my dog.

Content Cleared : Dragon Soul (Full)
Firelands (Full)
Blackwing Descent (Full)
ICC (Full 25)
Throne of the four winds(Full)
Tomb (5 mythic)
After that it's all just weekly heroic kills.
Previous Guild History : Tanked and Spanked - Aszune (Cataclsym)
Original - Aszune (early legion)

Past raiding achievements and world rankings : Raiding throughout cataclsym and end of wrath with the guild Tanked and Spanked on aszune, getting LK server first as well as all cata content cleared server first. Until our guild/raid leader at the time left to go lead Scrubbusters, with a few other of the raiding team.

Current Spec(s) : Shadow main but can play holy/disc at the same level.

Raid Availability : Any time

Recent Warcraft Logs :

Why do you want to join Depthcore? : I want to transition back into PVE coming into battle for azeroth and love the idea of a 3 day guild that have the progression and roster strength you guys do.

Name x2 things you love to see in a raiding guild : Reliability in raid members and Nice people

Name x2 things you hate to see in a raiding guild : People getting away with bad gameplay, loot drama

What are your views around benching people for raid composition or performance issues? : As somebody who consistently pushes themselves to improve and be good in every aspect of what they do i'd find it sad if this wasn't the case. Also i'm used to it from wiping ICC with a 35 man roster almost.

What would you consider to be the "Hardest" encounter for you so far? : Lich king or Ragnaros firelands

How do you keep your character up-to-date? : I like to focus heavily on gearing my main and making sure i have the best possible gear consumables and whatever else to gain an edge. I also make sure to sim, and talk to pve shadow priest friends that raid in top guilds. Also have 25mil+ gold so i can keep stocked up on the best consumables / boe gear without worry!

Do you have BFA Beta? : Yes, i've been playing it almost religiously to learn shadow for BFA and to produce guides.

Current Hardware : Easily capable of running wow without any FPS or hardware related issues.

Interface/Raiding Addon's List :Weak Auras / Details / DBM / Exorsus raid tools and Lootcouncil.

User Interface Screenshot(s) :

Day's Played : 179

Internet Connection & Stability : Never dc

Do you have anything special to tell us? : I can touch my nose with my tongue :^)

Additional information : Like to partake in pvp competing at the highest level throughout legion and achieving a top 5 finish in the spring cup and being considered one of the best pvp shadow priests throughout the expansion, i also play rated bgs for the highest team in the world currently

Any Alts? : Currently have 3 max level priests where i play disc/holy and shadow in pvp. Also main shaman as an alt playing all 3 specs. Also capable of playing most casters at a high level.

Contact information : Xot#21986 ingame, Xot#6430 discord

Tell us a joke :What did Britian say to it's trading partners? see EU later

Final comments : Looking to get back into pve again and dedicating more time to the game other than just from a pvp stand point, although I've not got amazing logs or recent experience i'd like to think i can transition my ability to play arena/rated battlegrounds at the highest level into pve and that it would hopefully give me the chance at a trial despite my lack of recent pve experience.
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