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Name :
Rodrigo Verschraegen

Age & Location :
25 located in Ghent, Belgium

Warcraftlogs Profile:

Information about yourself :
Currently I am a full time administrative manager for University Ghent, which is located in Belgium. I have been playing world of Warcraft since 2007. My first character was a hunter on maghteridon (alliance) and yes, It took me 7 months to level that character (crazy not?).
My free time goes currently in playing WoW casually and learning to program (java etc.).

Content Cleared (Existing Tier + History):
I will start off with the current tier BFA, I have been in Primed and I’ve cleared 2/8 with a lot of wipes on fetid & zek’voz. Further on, the previous two years I didn’t play that much so I came online for a few days , max a month and cleared some content. At the start of MoP I was playing in the guild called prime which was at some point one of the better 10 man guilds in the world so I’ve cleared a lot of progression. ½ of the tier was cleared when I was raiding hardcore, the other ½ was casually due to school. Cataclysm was the time I started really raiding, most tier content before a single nerf, in the end of the expansion I also joined Envy which had a 3rd world kill on Ragnaros Heroic. Before that I semi-hardcore raided in Fallout (wotlk) to clear content, Cleared everything pre nerf up to Lich king Heroic 25.
This is a brief note of my experience. More will be explained in a few questions below as well.

Previous Guild History :
Only relevant raiding guild:
- Kyoudai – Tarren Mill
- Fallout – Tarren Mill
End-Game raiding in ICC
- Borked – Ravencrest (Cataclysm early end game raiding, first major tier with no voice communication)
- Vanir
Created my own guild together with a good friend from Borked. Started doing end-game contect from Firelands and Dragon Soul on.
Later on this guild merged into Prime which was even a bigger success.
- Envy – Top end raiding guild
Due my own competivity I wanted to go for world firsts and I couldn’t do that with Vanir so I applied to Envy, which was then one of the biggest guilds in the world.
- Prime – Tarren Mill
This guild was at the end of Cataclysm merged with Prime. This is the guild which I was longest in together with a lot of people from Vanir. I have stayed here and reached
several top 20 and top 10 kills in the world.
Later on I went casually raiding and started focusing my master degree in Economics (which I obtained).
- Primed – Ravencrest
I took a break from wow for around two years, with several days played but wasn’t interested anymore.
I joined this guild to casually raid but it got quit raiding after one month (up to two mythic kills).

Past raiding achievements and world rankings :
Cataclysm: Started to play

Wrath of the Lich king:
Cleared everything mostly pre-nerf before Ulduar, so basically the first tier content with with Naxx, EoE and OS. After that, I went to Tarren-Mill to start raiding quite often, together with friends we played end gaming content up to Lich king and I’ve gotten a server 3nd (which was huge because Ensidia was on that realm). Cleared RS casually due to the raid content was just added to keep people occupied before next expansion.
In the end I got almost all achievements except a few special achievements from bosses.

Got all achievements pre-nerf. This was due to being in borked and Fallout. Also got the special achievement from Sinestra. Boosted Rangaros over 60x, as well as dragon soul raid.

Cleared everything pre-nerf up to hearth of fear. After that I went back to casually raiding due to focusing on my master degree. In this period I’ve gotten together with the guild some top 10-20 world kills in 10 and 25 man.
In the end I killed everything with all curve achievements.

Didn’t play much, got curved achievements and played casually.

Didn’t play much, got curved achievements and played casually.

Currently being on Ravencrest with my druid. I have 2 mythic kills. Progressed a lot on 2 others ‘fetid and zek’voz’.

Current Spec(s) :
Main spec: Balance
Off spec: Feral Tank / Resto / Feral dps
I can play all specs perfectly, Balance, resto and tank are best geared.

Raid Availability :
Wednesday 18h – 00h
Thursday 18h – 00h
Sunday 18h – 00h
Monday 18h – 00h
Other days I am probably being online to farm or to level alts.

Recent Warcraft Logs:

Same as 2nd question, mostly ranked as Balance and Tank.

Why do you want to join Depthcore? :
After reviewing end-game guilds on WoWProgress and on the server Ravencrest I spotted Depthcore. This due to that Depthcore reaches end game content while actually raiding casually, I am used to raid 7/7 back in the days, so this for me is more casual. Having this, makes me an asset to Depthcore due my experience and availability to guild.

Name x2 things you love to see in a raiding guild :
- People who enjoy challenging ecounters
- Non-quitters

Name x2 things you hate to see in a raiding guild :
- Breaks of 15 minutes
- 5 minute pulls between wipes

What are your views around benching people for raid composition or performance issues? :
You have two option in this case, if people perform bad it can be a boost to perform better next time. On the other hand, it can be a letdown and people can get stressed and lose the mood or lose having fun raiding, mostly they will quit. I’m the guy who performs better.

What would you consider to be the "Hardest" encounter for you so far? :
Hmm, this is a hard one. Due to the fact that hard encounters are for me actually enjoyable. So here is a list of my top three ‘hardest/enjoyable’ encounters:
Mimiron Hardmode:
This fight had everything, I love this fight mostly due to the uniqueness of the fight but also because the low % people killed this boss in pre-nerf. Also, the tightness of enrage was really nice, (wiped a lot of this).

Lich King Heroic:
Wiped over 200x on this boss, I think you can fill up the gap here. Was the most satisfying boss I have encountered, was also a really big stress relieve when we killed it.

Ragnaros Heroic:
Again, uniqueness was top notch. You needed really good people to defeat this boss. I was the one selling boosts on Tarren-Mill on this boss, around 5-6 runs a week.

How do you keep your character up-to-date? :
Mmo-champion, armory and worldoflogs keep my character up to date. Since this expansion also it is really nice to SIMcraft, which I use as well to get the best dps out of my character.

Current Hardware :
MSI V328-001R :: MSI GF GTX 1060 Gaming X - 6 GB

Interface/Raiding Addon's List :
ElvUI, Weakaurra’s, BigWigs, Excorsus Raiding tools, Skada, … I was used to play without all these addons except Skada or Recount and BigWigs. When I’m playing healing spec I don’t use ElvUI but standard wow frames.

User Interface Screenshot(s) :

Day's Played :
Over 1000 days played on all my characters.

Internet Connection & Stability :
I am playing with cable, around 21 MS all the time.

Do you have anything special to tell us? :
I think most is covered above, but I would like to tell that I am a loyal player which always gives the best from himself. Pushing limits doesn’t scare me. I love theorycrafting about certain new encounters which make performing better for the guild and me.
At this moment I know my progress is only 2/8 on mythic but that doesn’t mean I’m a bad player. Due to a guild disband and some casually coming online period I’m ready for a new challenger which hopefully is in Depthcore. I’m an allround player which means I can play all classes and specs (used to do this back in the days because it was needed).

Additional information :
I love noodles!

Any Alts? :
I have one warlock 120 which I am gearing as affliction, currently horde tho.
I have around 11-12 characters which are around level 100-110.

Contact information :
-Skype: Rodrigo.verschraegen1
-Whatsapp: 0032496816076
-Tag: Gazza#21917

Tell us a joke :
What do you get when you cross-breed a shark and a cow?

I have no idea but I wouldn’t try milking it.

Final comments :
Thank you for reading the application and one last note, I hope I’d get the chance to prove myself in Depthcore.

Best regards
Rodrigo Verschraegen
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