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#13919883 Dec 11, 2018 at 01:33 PM
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Name : Uri

Age & Location : 31 UK

Warcraftlogs Profile :

Information about yourself :

Content Cleared (Existing Tier + History): (Brace yourself - i keep a record.)
Before TBC i was basically a World PvP scumbag - all i remember doing is wiping on Onyxa , and clearing some bosses in MC for easy loot.
TBC - Some Gruul and Karazhan Pugs
BT illidan down but no glaves for me/ SWP some unsuccessful pugs near end of TBC

Wrath : 25man Satharion, 25EOE, 25Naxx Cleared + 12/ 16 Mount run Ulduar10 man full clear + 8/13 mount run Two light in the dark /// 25 - cleared up to YogSaron TOC10/25 Full normal clear + some many many attempts at Heroic to no avail on both 10 and 25m(about the time Avarice started breaking up) ICC 10 - Full normal clear / 8/12 HC clear, dont remember how many achivs i did for mount in 10 man at the time ICC 25 11/12 Norm clear / 6/12 HC (with an embarrassingly high amount of lootship kills)

Cataclysm - T1 25 man Full Normal clear / + HC Atramedes Halfus T2 Firelands 25 man 6/7 Heroic - didnt have DPS for Ragnaros ( Myst just started to find their groove at that time) + Full Mount run T3 Dragon soul 25 man Full Heroic cleared + Mount run + Legendary Daggers

Mysts Of Pandaria T1 25 man Heroic twins before 5.1 hit - one of top realm kills Curve Sha / empress 11/15 HC overall /// T2 Throne of Thunder 25man - 3/14 HC + Leishen curve T3 Seige of Orgrimar 25man - 11/14 HC Pre-Nerf and some post nerf Garrosh kills but...

Warlords of Daenor T1 30man - Full Heroic clear + Curve 6/7 Mythic BRF Blackhand Curve some Myhtinc Exp HFC full Mythic clear + mount and some achieve runs

Legion T1 Full Mythic clear of EN ToV and NH with some EN Achiv runs for meta mount, Full ToS Clear on Mythic (i hold the opinion that TOS was the most brutal raid tier in the game's history - so much freaking soaking), Full Antorus Mythic Clear

Previous Guild History (Include Char Names) :
TBC - Ultima - was a small social guild that basically did very little of anything (i was nüüb back then)
ALLIANCE HEROES - the guild stopped raiding soon after Sunwell patch came out due to too many people leaving at the same time.

Wrath - (was playing as horde during most of WOTLK) <Hordelums> there was too much competition for spots and was being pestered to reroll RestoShaman constantly, which was not to my liking, as i joined specifically to raid on main.
<Avarice> - from T8 to TOtC - GM Ruggz (infamous mage on Azuremyst) Quit the game which sent the core scattering.

(<Lightning's Blade>) Oppressum - a decent guild that did ok progress in ICC, however this was frequently tripped up at times due to too many egos (especially Vampslayer (GM)) running unchecked

Heaven's Fury - guild died after 4.1 hit well into Cata - the server was quickly becoming deserted due to Paragon chasing away all the serious 25 man raiding guilds. Many people from HF fled to higher pop servers.

Cataclysm - Myst Spent almost the entire xpansion with Myst and their lovely GM Monzita, i left on my own on good terms with them to focus on PvP near end of S11 (legendary daggers and all) - that one has a happy ending actually thats when i got my Hero of the [insert faction here] title as well my Duelist.

MOP - Slaystation when Avinash (you might have heard of him) was still the GM pre5.1, left guild due to toxic attitude of leadership and constant 4 hour argument postraid in vent about tactics. Despite the guild getting results and kills the mental fatigue of those episodes was not worth it.

later joined Licentia Proeliator from TOT to the end of the expansion, raided SOO with them, again have nothing bad to say about the Licenthia guys -left them on my own on v good terms ( i still chat with the GM occasionally) to try for Glad rankings on Outland.

WOD - CO-GM'd True Reprisal - however the recruiting of people on a realm like silvermoon is hard, not for a lack of people but due to the established pecking order of the realm (its like trying to hold on to a 20 man team of greased up pigs - they just keep slipping away - making it very hard for new guilds to break through.
Eventually had to join up with Symbiotic ubiquity (however they simply disintegrated after BRF hit despite good progress leading up to that) did 6/7 Mythic with em just before their downfall.

(Frostmane) briefly joined Ninth order left due to long afk after summer break

<Scrubz> on Silvermoon EU from HFC to nearly end of NH - seased raiding after GM and officer team burned out on the game and endless leave / recruit / replace revolving door
Scrubz disbanded just before we could kill Gul'Dan in Nighthold.

<Malorum> Silvermoon for the end of NH and better part of TOS - mass exodus of over half the main roster due to drama that had taken place before me joining - i chose to remain as i found that to be a backstabbing basic bitch move, eventually what remained (2 people - me and GM) tried to desperately rebuild but to no avail

<Familliar with Drama> stayed with them all the way up to their decision to go horde (Fuck that) cleared Tier with em then just Afkd till BFA

<Sylvanas Refugees> - fun bunch but problematic.

Past raiding achievements and world rankings : top 150 Botanist Kill with <Scrubs>
top 200 Gul'Dan Kill with <Malorum>
top 100+ Argus kill with FWD

Multiple world rank 1 things such as - Legion world 1st 54 traits / triple 54 traits, PvP stuff ,
Had mutiple 100% overall logs during Dragon Soul with the daggers - back when WoL was still a thing

Current Spec(s) : Outlaw - main and most developed: can be adapted to any situation.
2ndary i would say is Assassination - it can pull good ST numbers and good AOE in certain situations - has by far the best On-demand burst.
Subt also has good bust but - i cant really call subtlety's burst style on-demand
3rd specc - Subt is currently specialyl adapted for 2 things - ZUL dps and Fetid Devourer egg damage.

Raid Availability : always

Recent Warcraft Logs :

Disclaimer - almost all mythic logs are recent rekills and reporgress fights - i have not had the same team composition on a fight even once - so adapting and doing the shit jobs to kill it can sometimes affect your purples and oranges.

Name x2 things you love to see in a raiding guild : Character and Progression

Name x2 things you hate to see in a raiding guild : Guild hoppers

What are your views around benching people for raid composition or performance issues? : A kill is a kill - youll get it eventually. If we kill it faster now the rest of us will get to it faster as well - everyone wins

What would you consider to be the "Hardest" encounter for you so far? : Pre-Nerf Kael side by side with ToS Kil'Jaeden - one was hard , one was hard for no reason.

How do you keep your character up-to-date? :

Current Hardware : 1080 Nvidia Palit, Samsung SSD, Intel i7 6 x 4.0 GHZ - Turbo 6 x 5.0 GHZ, and a bunch of Razer stuff ( think im on my 5th naga by now?)

Interface/Raiding Addon's List : WA/ recount/ TmW/ boss mods - dont even use boss mods all that much anymore - its needless clutter.

User Interface Screenshot(s) :

Day's Played : 760+ on this character

Internet Connection & Stability : stable

Do you have anything special to tell us?: Look at nothing but recent logs and ignore all past experience - hallmark of a good recruitment policy.

Any Alts? : Oniblade-Ravencrest

Contact information :

Tell us a joke : Knock Knock...

Final comments :
most times... with these applications i will get asked about specialisations and how they work. Glad that wasnt here.
In the final comments section i ordinarily drop some gem of wisdom from my long time playing this game or an anecdote from my colourful life. That is something that most people cant relate to and its hard for them to invasion what i am aiming to do with my final comment. Instead ill ask you this - What part of the game have you taken to heart in the real world - or vice versa - what real world lessons have you applied to your every day wow sessions.
#13919973 Dec 11, 2018 at 04:47 PM
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