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Name : Maik aka Chisma

Age & Location : 27, Germany

Warcraftlogs Profile :

Information about yourself : I am currently a college studen in the field of math and physics education. I am a rather reserved guy, putting logical decisions and thoughtout behavious above all else. Even tho i can be quite emotional at times :P. I try to go as tiltfree through my day as i can, which translates to gaming aswell. Living with 2 roommates, but no worries, the internet connection is stable nontheless.

Content Cleared (Existing Tier + History): Everything before legion isnt worth mentioning. Started getting my feet wet in ToS, clearing 7/9 mostly with a pug me and a friend found on the official forums. Joined my current guild in the lastz week of ToS
ABT 11/11, first 4 bosses as rogue, was asked to reroll to lock after that, i played lock for the remainder of the xpac
Uldir 8/8

Previous Guild History (Include Char Names) : As i said before, i was a Casual before Legion launched. After several characters and guilds i joined the heroic raiding guild Bromance, and i am still playing regulary with a few of them to this day, in fact 3 of them joined my current guild at the start oif the tier.
Stayed in Bromance as i was doing ToS. We found a semi regular group on the official forums that did the Raid cross realm and managed to kill Mistress! Raided on my Rogue back then under the name "Chísma".

I joined Break a wish foundation in the last week of ToS, at first raiding on my rogue but then rerolled to lock, due to us having no locks and it being so op at the time, i was asked if i wanted to reroll. I only played sub back then and it felt shit at the time, so i was happy to help the guild out. Halfway through the tier i became an officer (i believe it was around march/april), mostly dealing with organisatory stuff; guildbank management, raidconsumables, selling boes, managing ranks, but also being there in meetings and taking part in discussions about important decisions.

Past raiding achievements and world rankings : ABT rank 1404
Uldir : after hovering around rank 800-900 for most of the tier we finished as rank 1017

Current Spec(s) : Playing both sub and assa, depending on the situation. i would say my assasination spec is slightly better, due to me playing it most of the time in m+, but i feel totally comfortable playing both on all bosses. in fact, i played sub on ghuun progress, because it lets me solo orbs

Raid Availability : All three raiddays fit my scedule. I try to have near 100% attendance. If it is possible i will do everything to make raids, but of course there are some exceptions every now and then. but usually these are limited to a very few amount a tier for me

Recent Warcraft Logs :

Why do you want to join Depthcore? : You contacted me :P, Jokes aside, you seem like a competent and good guild. I ran mythic plus with two of your mmembers, greko and implicity, in the past, and they are nice guys, so i figured you have to have a enviroment. I want a guild with a civilised and healthy athmosphere, that also pushes progression. i think i have a lot to improve on and playing with good people can help me get better.

Name x2 things you love to see in a raiding guild :1) A structured and competend leading team. The raidlead +gm + officers carry the team, be it raid prep, getting new recruits or just keeping morale up, they are the backbone of a guild. without a solid lead a guild cant do good.

2) people that actually socialise and are friends. i spend a good amount of time in this game and in the raids, its much more enjoyable if i like the company i have with me.

Name x2 things you hate to see in a raiding guild : 1) not sticking to what you are advertising. Changing the rules willy nilly thoroughout the tier on how the guild opperates is a no go to me. if i signed up for a 2 day raiding guild, i want to raid 2 days. not saying i am against additional raiddays in extreme cases like new tier, BUT this has to be communicated in a very clear and open way.
2)people that play the game because they think they have to. I play this game as a hobby. I dont like people that cry all the fucking time about how bad the game is. some complaining is fine, but if you dont enjoy your time in the game, quit.

What are your views around benching people for raid composition or performance issues? : The rooster for a night should contain the 20 people that make killing the boss most liikely. If it means cutting the underperformer or broken spec, that has to be expected.

What would you consider to be the "Hardest" encounter for you so far? : I would say Argus. we had close to 600 wipes on that boss, and it was mentally extremely draining. a lot of people left and had to be replaced throughout the progress, which made it even worse. we extended for a solid two and a half months after hitting aggramar, not a nice experience i would like to repeat.

mechanically at the time, Mistress felt hard to me. Given, i just started raiding mythic back then, but managing the fish, dropping it at the right time and not taking dmg when you had it was realy hard to manage all at the same time, especially when you got the fish last phase with the whole room covered in shit.

How do you keep your character up-to-date? :Playing a lot. I can feel doing worse after not playing for a week. On the other side i can mechanically feel improving after a day of pushing m+. Besides this, i sim when its needed (new piece, talents switched, new situation, balance patch, so almost every day), keep track of the dircord to be up to date with changes to the class or stuff that is found out. For me a good thing is just hitting the dummy for 15 minuts when i feel i am cold or i dont feel totally comfortable on my class atm.

Current Hardware :

Gpu: Geforce GTX 760
Cpu: i5 8600
second monitor to stalk that sweet wcl
16 gb ram, more than i would ever need atm

Interface/Raiding Addon's List :

ElvUI for most of my raidframmes and interface
WA, using a classbar and then some for bossabilities
DBM (pls dont beat me, planning on switching to bigwigs soon, mostly using the ability timers anyways)
Angry assignments
Exorsus raid tools
Details (need to see when i died to malignant growth :D)

User Interface Screenshot(s) :

Day's Played : 85 on this char, only leveled it to max in tos, played abt mostly on my lock. 40 of this days are this xpac (mostly standing afk in boralus)

Internet Connection & Stability : stable internet. living with my current roomates for 3 months now and i had one weekend of high ping due to provider problems (around 200-300 ping in the evening) i never had the problem that the internet was unstable to a degree that i couldnt raid propperly

Do you have anything special to tell us? : I love black humor, but i am considarate about it in the public raidchannel or with a lot of people. You never know who might be offended by something. As you might have guesses my "M" key is kinda broken, sending multiple mmmmmmm a lot of the times. sry for that

Additional information : doing m+ aswell

Any Alts? : Gearing a mage atmm (365 or something atm) to have some options next tier in case fetid or mythrax happens again

Contact information : Bnet Chisma#1940, discord Chisma#0200

Tell us a joke : Why does the world's greatest raid team smell so bad? They never wipe

Final comments : open for a chat, you have my contacts, hit me up. its much easier to get a feel for each other in person
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Accepted, welcome to the guild.
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