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Guild News

8/8M - Wormboy Down! late than never! Grats to all those involved for this fight and the tier. Great effort by all.
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Guild News

7/8M - Mythrax Slain & recruitment

Down he goes, great fight. - x1 mage (fire/frost/arcane)- x1 mistweaver (dd/brew os)We're now pushing G'huun and only need to fill a few more spots, get in touch soon.
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Guild News

Recruitment Update

Currently have x2 roles available in-guild: - x1 DH (both tank & DD experience required)- x1 Monk Mistweaver (Tank/DD experience required too)Apply or contact on officer today.
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Guild News

6/8M - Zul Slain
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Guild News

5/8M Feitd Slain!

Yes boys! good work. - x1 warlock- x1 mistweaverWe're looking for the above classes ASAP. Apply today.
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Guild News

Recruitment Update and M+

We're currently looking for the following classes in our mythic raiding team: - Warlock (aff/destro)- Mage (arcane)Also we're looking to take on serious mythic+ players. If you're interested contact an officer today. Speak soon!
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Guild News

4/8M Vectis Slain
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Guild News

Recruitment Update & Progression

Ahoy to all, We're looking for the below classes to join our mythic progression: - x1 Mistweaver- x1 Warlock (aff/destro)- x1 Rogue (any)- x1 Mage (any)- x1 Hunter (bm)- x1 Warrior (arms)We're currently working on Vectis which will die very soon, ...
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Guild News

3/8M - Zek'Voz Slain

Good job all!
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Guild News

Recruitment Update

Hello to all, Here's an update for what we need in the roster right now: - x1 Mistweaver- x1 Disc/Holy priest - x1 Mage (Frost/Arcane)We're always looking for exceptional players regardless of our specific needs in the guild. If you feel your appl...
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Guild News

Recruitment Update - Warlocks

Hello everyone, Just a quick recruitment update, we're looking for Warlocks. Hello, are you out there?Looking to fill 1-2 Warlock spots ASAP, apply today.
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Guild News

The battle is almost here. Recruitment updates.

Just look at those poses. As you all know, BFA is right around the corner and just wanted to update anyone that follows the guild on how we're doing. We're still recruiting, let's just be clear on that - our roster is continually improving and pus...
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Guild News

Depthcore boosting Antorus heroic and Gul'dan mounts!

Depthcore is now offering different boosting formulas for Antorus and Nighthold!Services we offer:- Heroic Antorus, full clear with ML (1 million gold)- Heroic Argus only (no loot prio) (100k gold)- Mythic Nighthold Guldan + mount with ML (1,2M go...
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Guild News

Argus kill video

As promised, here's a kill video of Argus the Unmaker from our guild leader's holy paladin PoV.(Also featuring a very sad wipe from earlier that night)
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Guild News

11/11M - Argus Mythic Slain! LETS GO!

w00t 11/11M - it's been a crazy tier for Depthcore but we've made it across the finishing line. Argus is now slain, 397 pulls only raiding 3 days per week, x3 hours per raid. Good hustle. Recruiting:deathknight (dd) highdeathknight (tank) highdemo...
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Guild News

Cutting Edge Recruitment.

We're currently extending on Argus after a few re-clears for gear so will be focusing all our efforts on killing Argus!We're currently seeking an exceptional HUNTER to join the roster.All other classes and specs welcome to join, also looking to ad...
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Guild News

Recruitment Update - [M] Argus Progression

Progression on Argus is going well, however we're looking to bolster our current raiding roster.Currently seeking the following class / specs as a priority:Healers:RESTORATION SHAMANMISTWEAVER MONKDPS:WARRIORHUNTERAlso looking for exceptional play...
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Guild News

10/11M Aggramar Slain!

Aggramar goes down after 2.5 nights of work, mass grips into the boss, failed knocks and many space cadets. But overall, a strong and focused effort to deliver a killing blow in a short amount of pulls. Well played everyone! KILL VIDEO: https://ww...
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Guild News

9/11M - Coven Slain

Solid kill from the group, super clean. Let's keep this up. next! Recruitment: x1 Resto Shaman x1 Warrior DD
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Guild News

8/11M - Varimathras Slain!

Alone in the Darkness be gone, Varimathras was a swift slaughter.Good job everyone! - Boomkin HIGH!
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