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Application Information - MUST READ

[Pinned] Application Template - Information - READ BEFORE APPLYING

Here's a quick template which you MUST follow, do not deviate from this.If you want to apply privately, please PM me with the below questions answeredYou must have a high profile guild history and excellent end-game raiding experience to even be c...
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Application Information - MUST READ


Name : Christian/ChucklepuffAge & Location : 33, Sweden Warcraftlogs Profile : about yourself : Work as a registrar at an organization mostly involved in health care an...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Ârthàs - DK Frost/Unholy/Blood

Age & Location : 22 from germanyWarcraftlogs Profile : about yourself : I am dd/tan...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Borowaii - MW Monk / WW Monk main Heal

Name : José Age & Location : 29 from germanyWarcraftlogs Profile : about yourself : I am healer since Classic an...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Fmage - Hastrup

Name : SimonAge & Location : 19, DenmarkWarcraftlogs Profile : about yourself :I am currently working a part time job at a storage facility, meaning i can choose my works ...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Noffsmir - Aff lock - reapplying (ready for realm transfer this time!)

Name : MarkAge & Location : 40, West Sussex, EnglandWarcraftlogs Profile : about yourself : I am self-employed, so master of my own destiny when it comes to gaming time, ha...
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Application Information - MUST READ

implicity - Mage (Arcane/Frost)

Name : BaoAge & Location : 25, The Netherlands.Warcraftlogs Profile : about yourself : I'm a 25 year old Psychology student current in his masters year for Clinical Psychology and I...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Dabo's Application (Fury)

Name : EnriqueAge & Location : 27 Utrecht, NetherlandsWarcraftlogs Profile : about yourself : 27 year old guy I work, study and play videogames, I truly enjoy raiding and t...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Kelldhar - Arms/Fury War

Name : Kristian O. EkströmAge & Location : 32 winters, Sweden.Warcraftlogs Profile : Information about yourself : Down to earth kinda guy. Very open minded and social. Help...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Kerriodos - Rogue

Name: DanAge & Location: 28, SwedenWarcraftlogs Profile: about yourself: My name is Dan, and I'm a 28 year old Canadian, living permanently in Sweden with my wife and daughter. ...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Dán - Arms Warrior

Name : DanAge & Location : 26, EnglandWarcraftlogs Profile : about yourself : Pretty basic really. I'm an avid gamer and have been for years. Outside of gaming I enjoy w...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Natajsa BM Hunter

Name : MartinAge & Location : 32 , SwedenWarcraftlogs Profile : about yourself : I am a very relaxed person in general that like the simple things in life like gaming, tr...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Linkan - Rogue

Name : GustavAge & Location : 18, SwedenWarcraftlogs Profile : about yourself : I'm relatively normal for people my age, I study, work, hang out with friends, play vid...
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Application Information - MUST READ

DH Havoc

Name : OliverAge & Location : 20, Denmark.Warcraftlogs Profile : Currently no logs on DH since i recently rerolledInformation about yourself : I spend 10 hours a day on this game because i enjoy it that's just about itContent Cleared (Existing...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Pippow Frost/unholy dk

Name : nathanAge & Location : 29 englandWarcraftlogs Profile : Information about yourself : i'm 29 got two kids run a cantering business (Cinema themed) Obsessed with gym an world of Warcraft /hideContent Cleared (Existing Tier + History):clea...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Disc priest

Name: WeladriaAge&Location:Finland, 23y oldWarcraftlogs: about myself: Working as a chef. Been playing wow since tbc didnt really like raiding before afew years ago whnen i s...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Arcane Mage // Razzah

Name : NorbertAge & Location : 20 / GermanyWarcraftlogs Profile : My mage: (hc legion exp) My Monk (Alt) : Information about yourself : My a n...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Holy/Retri Paladin JejNao

Name : OmerAge & Location : Israeli, 24 years old.Warcraftlogs Profile : about yourself : Currently a University Student for Computer Engineering....
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Application Information - MUST READ

Spaceghost DK Frost/Unholy

Name : mahdy al ahmad ( i know its hard you can call me space :D )Age & Location : 19 im from kuwait city ( middle east )Warcraftlogs Profile : about yourself : My...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Icepose - Boomkin MS, Feral OS.

Name : DonovanAge & Location : 25 from Stockholm, Sweden.Warcraftlogs Profile : (not really accurate)Information about yourself : Hello to everyone reading this! I've had a chat with...
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