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Application Information - MUST READ

[Pinned] Application Template - Information - READ BEFORE APPLYING

Here's a quick template which you MUST follow, do not deviate from this.If you want to apply privately, please PM me with the below questions answeredYou must have a high profile guild history and excellent end-game raiding experience to even be c...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Ursusi - Druid/Monk

Name : BenAge & Location : 18 UKWarcraftlogs Profile : about yourself : Im 18 and a student from the UK I have both previous competitive experienced within games and in rea...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Kizakiari Dh Havoc

Name : Nikola JovanovicAge & Location : 20 and from NorwayWarcraftlogs Profile : about yourself : I'm a 20 year old guy that loves to play WoW on my free ti...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Chis - Rogue

Name : Maik aka ChismaAge & Location : 27, GermanyWarcraftlogs Profile : about yourself : I am currently a college studen in the field of math and physics education. I am a rat...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Paqmayne Rogue Dps

#13920187 Paqmayne wrote:Name : Morten ThomsenAge & Location : 27, DenmarkWarcraftlogs Profile : // Rogue uldirhttps://cd...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Xsiv - Outlaw / assa Rogue

Name : UriAge & Location : 31 UK Warcraftlogs Profile : about yourself : Content Cleared (Existing Tier + History): (Brace yourself - i keep a record.)Before T...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Greko DK Frost / blood

Name : KristosAge & Location : 28 and im from denmarkWarcraftlogs Profile : about yourself : I am a 28-year-old who works as a mason for everyday life, but I have chosen to s...
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Application Information - MUST READ

warrior dd with alts

Name : carloAge & Location : 30 belgiumWarcraftlogs Profile : about yourself : im a guy who is pritty flexable to what to play for the guil...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Application Mistweaver

Name : ConstantinAge & Location : 23, GermanyWarcraftlogs Profile : about yourself : I'm currently a CS student working on my masters. Content Cleared (Existing Tier + ...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Application - Frost DK

Name : AskerAge & Location : 22, Copenhagen, DenmarkWarcraftlogs Profile : about yourself : I'm going to be interning as a BPM analyst next year as a part of my bachelor pr...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Bezad - Assassination/Sub rogue

Name : KristianAge & Location : 25, NorwayWarcraftlogs Profile : about yourself : Social guy, currently living in Oslo. Working full time as a IT consultant. Gym rat and MTB...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Deluha - Resto Shaman

Name : AntonisAge & Location : 28 from CyprusWarcraftlogs Profile : about yourself : I work as Analyst for the ERM software SAP. Other than my main work I am also a youth b...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Phëebe - Balance Druid Application

Name : Rodrigo VerschraegenAge & Location : 25 located in Ghent, BelgiumWarcraftlogs Profile: about yourself : Currently I am a full time administrative manage...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Karshi - Feral

Name: JamesAge & Location : 21, UKWarcraftlogs Profile: about yourself: Currently an intern as a data analyst which I am doing between my 2nd and 3rd year of university, in...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Combatllama - Rogue Combatclone - Balance Druid

Name : AndrewAge & Location : 28 EnglandWarcraftlogs Profile : about yourself : Returned to the game aft...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Equilíbríum - Restoration Shaman

Name : BenjaminAge & Location : 24 years old, UKWarcraftlogs Profile : about yourself : I'm 24 years old studying my masters in a stem related field.Con...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Application - Windwalker / Hunter

Name : BenAge & Location : 25 / CH (That s switzerland)Warcraftlogs Profile : I ll link both characters raider IO as they provide logs, armory and wowprogress simultaneously: HUNTER: + Mon...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Mercüry - DK

Name : Emil HammerAge & Location : 20. Oslo,NorwayWarcraftlogs Profile : about yourself : I'm a veteran wow player, been playing since release. Currently working as a...
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Application Information - MUST READ

Veéto Affli Warlock

Name : AntonAge & Location : 24. Sweden, STockholmWarcraftlogs Profile : about yourself : Im a sporty guy that enjoy doing activities with friends and family.Content Cleared (Existi...
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Application Information - MUST READ


Name :MarcusAge & Location :20 NorwayWarcraftlogs Profile : about yourself :I work as an IT consultant and like to workout.Content Cleared (Existing Tier + History): I raid...
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